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Your traveling dreams await! JayandAsh Travel is officially opened and ready for business! Allow us to help make your vacation dreams come alive without the hassle of using multiple search engines to find the best deal at the best time or hours on the phone with cruise and airline companies. JayAndAsh Travel is here to help you plan the best vacation for you and your loved ones with minimal effort on your part. Just give us the details of what you would like and we will make it happen! Come visit us to see our exclusive deals! 

Edinburgh Christmas 2014 Jane Wall
Edinburgh, Scotland Photo Courtesy of Jane Wall


We have many options to meet your travel needs. If your heart desires the beautiful streets of Edinburgh, Scotland then we can arrange everything from the flight to meals and tours. Maybe you desire to stay in a castle (I know that I do!) there are castle rentals available as well!


Edinburgh Castle Jane Wall
Edinburgh, Scotland Photo Courtesy of Jane Wall


If you would like an island vacation at an All-Inclusive Resort, we have plenty of those! Toes in the sand as they say, and I do love my toes in the sand. All-inclusive resorts offer a variety of options from adults only to family resorts with theme parks. Disney is a great option for families with kids! I have never seen something as amazing as Lego Land. Now, it is also a thing of nightmares if you have ever stepped on a lego in the middle of the night walking through a dark house trying not to wake the kids up. There are literally millions of legos in one building. They also have Disney characters built out of legos- let me note that they are LIFE SIZE characters! Definitely, an amazing place to stop by if you have little ones with a creative eye. Sandals Resorts offers fantastic options for adults only for those of you who would enjoy a nice and quiet vacation without children running around. Let’s face it, we all need a kid-free vacation every once in a while.

CRUISES CRUISES CRUISES! There are so many options on cruises we would need another post specific to cruises! Which we just might do! You have the option of making your cruise as long or as short as you wish, 3-21 days. Yes, I did indeed say 21 days! If you have never been on a cruise before, I would strongly suggest the minimum 3-day cruise regardless of where you go. You certainly do not want to be stuck on a cruise ship for 7 days attempting to enjoy the Caribbean if you have motion sickness the entire time. A cruise is a great Christmas gift idea too! Take a look at some of our current specials. 


Not only do we specialize in travel arrangements and making your trip effortless, but we can also get you great deals on attractions and events. The haunted tours in Savannah, Georgia are always a great option to choose. We have done guided tours as well as our own handcrafted ones! We were graveyard touring late one Friday evening and met an actual real-life ghost hunter! He also just happened to be an accountant by day, which made me giggle. He was kind enough to show my husband and myself some of his videos and let us listen to his audio recordings from different graveyards including the one we were at. I mean really, how often do you get to meet a real ghost hunter? Almost every night if you visit Savannah, Georgia!

The attractions and events do not just stop at tours, they include music concerts, movies, festivals, sports events, and much more! How would you like to have a weekend at the beach staying in a historic inn, only to have your events planned out for you? We want to take the stresses out of the age-old question “what do you want to do?” Vacation is meant to be relaxing, not stressing over what to do, or how to get there, or planning about planning about planning your next day. We take the stress away and allow you to visit Destination Relaxation!

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If you or someone you know are planning a trip soon, please let us know so that we can help create the vacation of your dreams. Let us take you to Destination Relaxation!