Can you imagine having a 13 hour day at work, picking up kids, going to the grocery store, and walking into your front door to see the picture above? Our living room was a disaster! This is how my day was going to end this week. I was tired, irritable, hungry, and still had a long list of things to accomplish before it was time to go to bed. And this is what gift our 2 sweet Great Pyrenees puppies decided to bestow upon us (my husband and I strongly believe that they were appropriately named Hugo and Hurley). I promptly said a few curse words (creative ones too!) and sent this picture to my husband as he wasn’t home from work yet. But, we are going to help you learn how to have a mindful lifestyle while living in a life that can give us disasters!

Now, our beautiful babies were more than thrilled with the gift they left for us- they greeted me at the door with tails wagging and were ready to lick me to death as if there was not a single thing out of place. They were simply bored and have a little separation anxiety. Jason and I adore our dogs and our kids, but this was just too much after a very long day. How can you possibly keep your cool after a stunt like this, and be at some sort of minimum baseline of happiness? THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, but we are here to help you through it!

Know your limits…

Knowing your limits does not mean that you are admitting weakness or that you aren’t a super amazing person. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge your limits. The normal person can really only handle so much nonsense before they have had enough. Know what your triggers are- and avoid them! Seriously, A.V.O.I.D. them, if you can of course. Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid them and they must be dealt with. So what do you do when the trigger situation is unavoidable?

Take a moment for yourself…

In a previous post Taking a Moment, I talked about taking a moment for yourself. My favorite way is daily meditation and yoga. I know that I can only take so much before I hit my limit, so I schedule a daily meditation reminder every day at the most stressful time. I have it centered in the middle of the day so that I get a refreshing moment halfway through work and before the craziness that awaits when I get home.

Yoga stretches and relaxes, it is good for you! I wish I did yoga more frequently than I do, but I do the yoga (especially when I am stressed). Ladies, we are all aware that stress is a leading component of high blood pressure- which leads to heart problems- which is a leading killer in women. Don’t stress, make time for yourself!

Find something you are thankful for…

Even if this is a little win find something to be thankful for. In this scenario, it was 2 things-

  1. While they did take my pretty shirts off of the bookshelf, they did not eat or destroy them! Little win, my fault because I should have put them away, but they were still in tact.
  2. They did not chew on any electrical cords. We have them all hidden by the desk, but Hurley is also known for getting on top of tables 🙁 This means all of the electronics still work and they are nice and safe without being electrocuted. All wins.
  3. Most importantly, we are thankful that these big babies are ours. They may destroy the house because we aren’t home, but they give us so much more good than bad. This was hard to remember at the time. Actually, to be honest, I didn’t remember this until we went to bed that night and they were in the bed just cuddling us. Really, how could you be mad at that point, puppy kisses make everything better.

This next part is the most important!

Make sure you say what you are thankful for OUT LOUD…

We often find ourselves talking about how terrible our day was, and that this didn’t go right, or that didn’t work for us. If we are living in a world of negativity or reliving the negativity from the day, we are destined to just stay in the same bad mood. The purpose of relaxing, meditating, doing yoga, and remembering what you are thankful for is lost. It really has no meaning if we cannot move beyond the negative. Our moods affect others, whether we intend for them to or not. I want our kids to be around good moods because they mimic a good mood, they learn to be happy because that is what they see. Good moods are infectious, just like smiles!

If we say what we are thankful for out loud for others to hear it, then even though we may be facing a situation that is difficult and not pleasant, we will be actively working on looking for the good in a crummy moment. This practice forces us to focus on the big picture instead of the small snippet of time directly in front of us. Plus, it also reminds the ones around us that we are simply unhappy with the situation and not necessarily unhappy with them. We certainly do not want the hubby to walk in the door and think I am livid with him because Hugo made a hurricane size mess in the living room.

In the event that you still struggle to pull yourself out of a funk, go through your camera roll. We take pictures of things that we love and find beautiful or that make us laugh. Unless you are me and think that it is a great idea to take pictures of the destruction caused by 1) kids or 2) dogs. But, you may just roll across that one picture that puts you in a perfectly calm and serene place.


This is one of my most peaceful photos. I always remember the mindful lifestyle when I look at this picture.This was taken the morning of our wedding and it always soothes me. We love to hear from you guys! What makes you successful at keeping your cool? Please leave a comment below!