During the month of November, we see all of these posts on social media and articles about what we are all thankful for. Yes, I am guilty of it too, as evidenced by this post! BUT, I also read an article today that really resonated with me. Guys, I cannot express how thankful I am for my HUSBAND. Jason and I have not had a relationship any different than anyone else, but we do work on our differences and issues. We know that a marriage takes effort, compromise, forgiveness, and LOVE. We also know that it is a choice that we make every day to continue in our marriage and our commitment to each other. This is truly a beautiful thing. Again, I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR MY HUSBAND.

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We SUPPORT each other!

Guys! Support cannot be overemphasized here. You have to support your partner no matter what the task at hand is. When Jason wanted to start his weight loss journey, I fully supported him. Now, mind you, I absolutely adored and loved him just the way he was, but for him- he wanted to take that journey. I support him in every step of the way. To include every single morning of possible frustration with weight fluctuation when he steps on the scale. I have watched him on great days and celebrated his accomplishments, and I have supported him on days that weren’t what he wanted to see. We take this journey together, Because our marriage, as we both understand it and nurture it, is not me versus him, this is US, together as a team. We talked about relationship teamwork in a previous post, check it out to see how we do it!

We started a new Travel Company AND this blog! We SUPPORT each other in each of these ventures or should I say AD-VENTURES! We also work full-time day jobs, so we really work hard! We want to be able to retire one day and spend our time enjoying life and traveling the world with each other. We do these things together because we actually enjoy working together and we fully support each other! Believe me, there are days- well actually nights, that we just want to sit down on the couch and do NOTHING, but we encourage and support each other to keep going. We push each other to success and then we celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.

The Best Point I took Away from the Article was “Indelicacies”

OMG, the honeymoon phase is over! Guys, I still get googly-eyed over Jason every day! He makes me swoon, he comes home and pulls me off of the couch to dance to Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra on his music app on the phone. All of this for absolutely no reason other than he WANTS to and I LOVE IT! Totally cheesy right? Yeah, I absolutely love it and my hubby!

Jason finds me most beautiful in the mornings before I’ve brushed my crazy curly red hair, brushed my teeth, or put on regular clothes. And he makes sure to remind me that he thinks I am stunning then. It’s times like this that I don’t feel bad that I am not straightening my hair or putting on my makeup or being all dolled up just to hang out on a Sunday. I love that he reminds me that I am pretty! And this goes the other way ladies!! Do not forget to remind your hubby just how handsome they are! The air of confidence that they carry, the way that they dress, (forgive me PR friends) and just their plain sexiness. Tell them, they need it too!

So, to the indelicacies part. The article that I was reading talked about how the honeymoon phase was over and you are in a good place in your relationship if you are comfortable with the indelicacies. Meaning that you are comfortable with the less the pretty parts of life. Farts, burps, smelly bathroom trips, sweating like a man in the middle of the night but cuddling anyway- you know, all of those types of things. Life itself is not pretty, there are smelly and less than appealing parts. If we can’t share those with our partner then are we really that close? I wouldn’t think we are. So in our house, we are totally open. We brush our teeth together, bathroom time (for wife and hubby) is not private alone time, I totally fart in my sleep as I am cuddled up against Jay’s leg- I deny this of course! We are completely comfortable with our indelicacies! And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

I love that in our marriage we acknowledge and respect that we are real people, with real needs, desires, indelicacies, struggles, and we are more than happy to support each other and keep nourishing our relationship. We encourage each other to grow as people. That’s definitely important too. We should never stifle the other, this could breed resentment- never good.


During our Wedding Ceremony…

We had a very dear friend of ours do our wedding ceremony and it could not have been more perfect! I am sure that we will tell more of our wedding story later, but holy moly it was absolutely perfect! John, Jay, and I worked on the Ceremony for about a month before the wedding and when it finally came down to the wire, we just said- let’s go with the flow. John came up with the most beautiful words that were true to us and to everyday situations (which was important to me). Now, do any of us remember the ceremony script after the wedding? Nope!! But our wedding gift was a perfect album of photos that also included his entire ceremony!!!!!! How amazing was that?!?!

Ok, so what was so important in the ceremony that I needed a whole section to talk about it???

“Nothing is easier than saying words and nothing harder than living them day after day. What you promise now must be renewed and decided tomorrow. At the end of this ceremony, legally you will be man and wife but you will decide, each day that stretches out before you that you want to be married.”

We choose every single day to renew the commitments that we made the day of our marriage. This is an ongoing choice, it takes effort, forgiveness, and love. It takes both of us and true teamwork. This November, I am so incredibly thankful for my husband. Guys do not take your spouse for granted, enjoy the little arguments, enjoy the smelly bathrooms, enjoy the cuddles. Be thankful!