Goals are so underestimated. My husband and I have huge post-it notes all over our walls in our living room and bedrooms outlining exactly what we want and what we are accomplishing. Seriously, while they are not pleasing to the eyes, they are really effective! Decorators, I apologize for your nightmares! I posted this tactic on one of our social media accounts one day and was beyond thrilled when a well known blogging coach decided to implement this idea into her own routine, of course after she was done laughing at how funny it was. But this is indeed how important goals are, you can never lose focus on your goals, keep them in your sights at all times! Even if they do not match your decor.

Jason and I have HUGE goals that we on the giant post-it note on the wall in our bedroom, of course, those are our main goals that we want to achieve. Those big dreams we go to sleep looking at each night. Our final plans for retirement and how we want to spend the rest of our lives enjoying each day. You get the picture.  We wanted to share some of our goals with you! Also, we hold ourselves more accountable when we have goals and make them known. So, you guys get to help keep us accountable for our goals this month!!

November Goals

  1. Post on our blog TWICE per week! That’s right, TWICE per week. So we started our blog our really strong and did really well. We identified when our great response days were and we have a great following when we publish. But, just as most others do- we fell off the wagon- life got busy. (And my personal goal for this is to also not be a perfectionist) But back to the grind!! TWICE per week, we have got this, and you guys deserve it!!
  2. Increase our email subscribers by 30 this month. That either seems like a TON or really seems TINY. It just depends on who you are. This is an attainable goal for us. Let’s put this into perspective and to keep ourselves accountable and to show measure when meeting our goals next month, let’s give some numbers here! We currently have 6, yes, you read that right, 6 email subscribers. I feel as if I have done something horrifically wrong here because our other lists are excellent. So, I would like to grow this number by 30 by the end of the month, if it is more than YAY!!!
  3. This is the month of our Travel Company Launch!! Jay&Ash Travel Launched this month!! We want to book at least 10 vacations for people!! 10 trips! Just as we bloggers are all in the world to do the very best that we can, and if we provide services, we want to make the very best vacation for people and their families! We want to make life-changing memories for at least 10 people this month! We can do this!
  4. Passports!!! Jason (the hubby) and I NEED our passports!! We must apply for our passports this month! Must do! No excuses, no nonsense, no nothing. WE NEED OUR PASSPORTS. I am busy planning our UK trip for next year 🙂 We have big plans!! Which means big pictures and big posts!! I better check this off next month!
  5. Affiliate! No, not with regular affiliate links like we are all used to thinking. We want to network and get with Travel Bloggers! We want to help set up those trips! What do travel bloggers do? Travel! To tell us about their travels, which we do as well, but we are also HUGE in promoting others. If we like what you do, you are PR friendly, and you are super awesome, then we absolutely promote you! As our kids say “Sharing is Caring”, and guys, we CARE! This is our passion, we care a lot! So, our goal is to network and affiliate with travel bloggers and help them get the best deals if they are not being sponsored on trips. (If you know anyone, send them our way!)

So, obviously, November is a HUGE month for our goals! It is also the first month that we are doing a post on goal tracking. Next month we will do a follow up to this so that we can track our progress and see where we can improve and where we met our goals! What are your goals for November? Share in the comments below! We love to hear from you guys!