**This post may contain affiliate links and we can make a profit off of your purchases**

New Opportunities Await

Are You A Side Hustling Family?

Side hustling? What does that even mean? Well, it means that maybe you work a 9-5 that drains your life away, or maybe you even love it. But, you also are running side businesses! Maybe you are running a blog with affiliate links in it that increase other companies sales, but you make a profit too. Of course, as the ethical people that we are, we only recommend items that we have personally used or truly recommend. If that is not the case, then shame on you.

Our family is definitely a side hustling family! I don’t know of anyone who couldn’t use the extra money in your pocket. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t LOVE to be their own boss! Set your own hours, work as little or as much as you want, spend quality time with your kids or significant other, or just in your reading nook with a great book. Our family loves to travel, eat, go shopping, and HELP OTHERS!

Help Others?

We want to help others, you read that right! There is not a blogger that I have met that doesn’t want to help others. This is our goal, and why we do what we do. We review products so that you don’t purchase crummy things. We want you to get it a great price, because well, as my hubby Jay puts it, I’m cheap 🙂 I personally want to help others as I wish others would have helped me years ago! So, our posts may indeed contain affiliate links or links to a site that we are promoting, but that is because we think you may benefit and love it as much as we do! As our kids say “Sharing is Caring”. If we could give you links to excellently priced Christmas gifts for kids, wouldn’t you want us to share that with you? Umm, I would want you to share them with me! Check out this AWESOME boutique!  Don’t you already want to go shopping?!

How Else Can We Help?

We want to help you make money! Again, who does not LOVE extra money? Add it to savings, make travel plans, Christmas gifts, renovate a room in the house, the list goes on and on. We can help set you up with groups that let you share your love for products and you don’t have to sell your soul. Personally, I am quite fond of my soul and do not wish to sell it to make a quick profit. Always feel assured that we (Jason and I) will NEVER recommend something that we don’t love or think that you will love.

Of course, you can tell that we started blogging, and we utilize affiliate links with great programs. It takes an enormous amount of effort to keep this going, but we love what we do and helping spread the word about great things that may help you, or that you may just have on your desires list 🙂 But for you guys, it is totally worth it and we will keep this great thing going! Help us help you and spread the word please 🙂

Then, in my crazy researching last night, I stumbled upon one of the cutest things ever! A boutique! Now, we love to travel and I LOVE stopping in all of the little boutiques, not stores, but boutiques. I’m honestly not sure if there is really a difference, but I like the word boutique- haha. Anyway, this one is online and is very new, but as I mentioned before- I am cheap, so finding great items at a bargain is right in my line of pleasure. Look at some of the adorable things I found.

I was doing a TON of research on the company,  Northern Sun Boutique- and it is brand new- opened in August 2017, being a new blogger, I have a soft spot for promoting new places and getting the word out. They have AMAZING items and so many different options. The prices are definitely affordable too, so if you are on a budget (which I am) this is definitely a place to check out! Not only is there awesome products, with awesome prices, but you can sign up for FREE to be an affiliate with them! How cool is that!! There are no products to purchase and hope to resell or shipping hassles, or quotas, or kit costs- or kits at all… Guys, this is absolutely FREE to promote! Your affiliate link does not expire AND you get your own discount for when you shop with them. Are you interested yet? Check out the sign-up process Become an affiliate with Northern Sun Boutique.

Halloween is just around the corner and the boutique has so many affordable Halloween items! From kids and adult costumes, to outside decorations, to inside decorations! I just love it. Halloween is just about the only time that I can find skulls (not literal animal or human skulls though- that would be odd) but figurines, because I do enjoy decorating with them. Yes, odd I know. In fact, Noah (our youngest) wanted to buy me a little skull meant for a fishbowl- it was too sweet. In the boutique, they have so many skull figurines, my heart was fluttering- I feel certain as my husband was cringing- haha.

In all seriousness, if you want a side hustle, this is not a bad way to go. You get referral bonuses as well as commissions from sales made through your link.

This is our store link! I dare you to find something you don’t LOVE 🙂

Would you like to join a FREE program and promote awesome things?

Tell us what you think guys! What are your favorite products? What is your favorite Halloween decoration and costume? Do you love free money? Do you have a totally awesome affiliate program that you are involved with?

We promote and support family businesses guys! Share those links with us so that we can review and share the love 🙂

**This post may contain affiliate links and we can make a profit off of your purchases**