We are new bloggers! You may wonder what is it like to have a lifestyle of a new blogger, and we are here to say that it is fabulously busy. Our life is full of kids, fur, work, blogging work, and research. BUSY BUSY BUSY lifestyle, but it is sooo worth it. Our blog is our business and we treat it as such.

Blogging is a business? 

Absolutely! As bloggers, we have the opportunity to do so many different things:

  • Sponsored traveling
  • Sponsored product reviews
  • Build friendships and networks with other bloggers 🙂
  • Help others through our own struggles
  • Freelance writing/photography
  • The list goes on and on…

My husband, Jason, is incredibly business savvy. We have “War Walls”- with giant post-it papers hung with our goals and business plan actions. Seriously, these are everywhere- bedroom, living room, kitchen. Obviously, there can never be enough reminders or motivation throughout your own home to keep you on task. Build the business.

Planning is a Priority

Of course, planning is a priority when we lead such busy lives. Yesterday Jason wanted to start a “morning meeting” of sorts. Our typical morning is me drinking coffee while reviewing our social media accounts and Jason plans out what company we want to be affiliated with and what our blog post should be. At this point, we put our plans and ideas on our War Wall. As our own boss, we must hold ourselves accountable- and this can be a bit difficult if you are not disciplined.

We go through the day with our day jobs and parenting etc. I snap a few photos when and wherever I can so that we can use them on our blog. (We use all self-taken photos instead of stock or bought photos) Remember, we always plan, so always maximize opportunities. In the evening I try to do the photo editing- making sure our logo is on them and get them ready for whatever post they may be used for.

Finally, at the end of the day, we do a quick overview of what we accomplished and how we improved for the day. This is a lot of work and sometimes it can be a downer when we didn’t grow as we wanted to. For this, I recommend looking at growth on a weekly basis.

Empowerment in Discouragement

Don’t be discouraged when a social media account lost a follower- sadly, there is a trend of follow for follow- this is not the type of follower you want. Find the followers that LOVE what you have to say and offer. They will be your friends, give you feedback, and will stick around for the long haul. You may grow slowly this way, but it is much better. As of this post, we have 379 followers on 7 social media platforms.

We actively engage with each of them. Yes, seriously, we actively engage with 379 people on 7 platforms. These are the followers that we want, and we are the followers that they want. We empower each other. This seems like a crazy thing, but we provide feedback to them and they give us the same. A great blogging network helps more than anything you could hope to do on your own. Again, we empower each other. I am often reminded of Finding Nemo- “fish are friends, not food”, the same goes with fellow bloggers. They are friends and a support group, not enemies and competition.

Share your Failures! 

How do we learn? We get on the bike, fall off, and get back on. Share your failures with everyone. Why? Because we learn that way- make it easier for others to not make the same mistakes we made. I can’t even count how many times I have read from fellow bloggers “Don’t make my mistake of not creating an email list”, guess what? We made an email list almost immediately. I do not want to repeat their mistakes if I can learn from them. Be kind and share your failures. Again, we are supportive and encouraging. “Fish are friends, not food”.

We are new bloggers, we make mistakes, we learn from mistakes. Failures are not our enemy, but the simple way to learn how to do better each day. They also keep us humble. When we take risks and do new things, we run the possibility of failure. Find the lesson in the failure and let that failure make you thrive with success!

Involve the Family

Our kids, Blake and Noah, know that this is the family business and they LOVE it! Would you believe that at the end of the day they ask- “so how many views did we get today?”. They want to be in the VLOG videos, they help pick out things we can take pictures of, they want to read the articles we write, and most importantly they want to be involved. If you have kids, and you have a lifestyle blog, we strongly encourage you to have the kids involved in it. Kids tend to see things differently than we as adults do. They help us find the beauty in the storm. Treat it as the family business that the whole family takes part in.

Jason and I had to travel last week to see Nana. We took a road trip and the kids made sure that we took a million pictures. We also took some videos and hopefully we will have those up on the VLOG soon 🙂 When we got home, the kids wanted to look at each of the pictures and decided which ones we should use in our upcoming blog posts. You know that you have success when the kids get excited about it! Plus, they keep us motivated!

Lifestyle of a New Blogger

So as you can see, our life is not full of flowers and make-up and frilly outfits- although some days I wish it could be. Having the lifestyle of a new blogger is work, but fun work. Building that small blog into your dream job is what we aim for every day. Treating it as a business teaches our kids responsibility and how to have fun while working. It brings our family closer together as we take this journey. It makes us not be so introverted and puts us out there to face our fears. So all in all, the lifestyle of a new blogger is AMAZING!!