MAY 4, 2017

I woke up with a new excitement. I went to my meeting the night before with my weight loss coach and she did a wonderful job of getting me excited about my new adventure. I bought my scales to weigh in, and for my food. I had my eating plan, my mind was in the right place to lose weight. This was going to be as easy as the last time I lost weight. A little change in diet, better food, smaller portions, total excitement. Only 1 thing left to do: weigh in.


The new morning ritual begins. It’s 7AM, go to the bathroom, and finally, it is time to weigh in. I grab my scale, scale check, place it in the bathroom, check, drop the linen, check. The only thing left to do is to step on, I mean, yeah, I’m out of shape, but this has happened before. I can accept weighing a little more than the last time I went on a diet. This doesn’s start until I step on the scale and it is time. I step on my new enemy or maybe my new friend. WTF!!!!!! WTF!!!!!! WTF!!!!! This has to be wrong, I take the scale, put it in the hallway because the properties of gravity are totally screwed up in my bathroom. WTF!!!! WTF!!!! WTF!!!!! Gravity was right, I was wrong. I weighed in at 409 pounds!!!!!! I admit I was stunned. I never thought I could get to 409 pounds, shock, shame, embarrassment, disgust, you name the emotion, I felt it. I didn’t tell my wife for 2 weeks what my starting weight was.


Since my mid 20’s, I have battled with my weight. My previous weight was the highest at 327 lbs. I started swimming 4-5 days per week, I ate really well except for 1 night per week and six months later, BAM! 100 lbs lost. A couple of years later, I was really sick, lost the drive and determination to swim and eat well, and thus started the slow rise. At the same time, my career took off, which meant late nights, meetings over meals, drinks, more meals, more drinks, inactive lifestyle, and 12 years later lead to 409 lbs.


Like many overweight people, the weight loss became overwhelming. Before starting this, I debated between bariatric bypass surgery and this program. My deciding factors were: I needed to develop good eating habits, I needed to institute portion control, and I am not a fan of surgery. I met with a weight loss coach who helped me develop a plan starting with stripping my foods away. I gave up fast food, sweet food, sugars, diet coke, fried foods, chicken wings ( what true blue western New Yorker gives up chicken wings for crying out loud), anything and everything that is bad for you, as the Phillip Phillips song goes “Gone, Gone, Gone”! I followed my plan. The first month sucked horribly. I continued to follow my plan. Make my meals, stick to the eating plan, and steadily the weight shredded off. Pepper in some exercise, the weight continues to come off. I won’t lie, there have been cheat meals with portion control instituted. They actually help jump start my weight loss when it starts to plateau.


Simply put: No one wants to be overweight. Everyone has a part of their life that is undisciplined and with an overweight person, that part is readily identified. I woke up today, 133 days later 296 lbs, a loss of 113 pounds and I feel great. I am not finished by any stretch and with my wife’s encouragement, I will continue to tell my story. I will continue to follow my new eating habits and exercise portion control. I wasn’t going to tell my story, until I thought about it, and thought about how alone I felt. Again, I didn’t even tell my wife my starting weight or daily weight for 2 weeks. She loves me through everything. I don’t want any of you to feel alone. I will continue to chronicle my progress and offer encouragement to those who are struggling with their weight. This is one of the best decisions that I have made. I look better, I feel better, and most importantly I am healthier! The best advice I have is the decision has to come from within, and failure cannot be an option.

More chronicles to come… Stay tuned…