How to find pleasure in life when it seems like you are living in a hurricane.

About Us

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, my husband was a Jedi and I am like totally into Jedi. Yoda married us…

And that is Jason’s summary of “about us”. Thankfully we have a quirky sense of humor that our friends and family find just as amusing as we do. Our house is always full of entertainment. He also has a wonderful wife (me) that adds the details to his grand big pictures.


Ashley and Jason

We are both in healthcare and have been for many years. We got married this year after an intense fishing contest. The only way he describes our wedding is “Ashley almost made us postpone the wedding until she caught a shark”. Needless to say, I caught a shark and the man of my dreams a little later that day. While comedy runs in our house, so does friendly competition. We love to travel and help others. Our blog was born from the thought of helping others through sharing our stories. We know that there will be good and bad times, but we find the beauty even in the bad.

Blake and Noah

Our boys… Blake is 10 and loves Legos, reading, and Minecraft. Noah is 6 and loves anything outside and school. They bicker like brothers tend to do, but they are also generally sweet boys.

Hugo and Hurley

Appropriately named Great Pyrenees puppies. These boys are 8 months old and weigh in at over 100lbs each. They really like anything that may possibly be chewed apart, drooled on, shed on, climbed on, really anything and everything. Hurley was once caught on TOP of our kitchen table- it is the tall kind. These 2 are super smart and give us a fit almost every day. But just like the kids- we love them so very much.

That about sums up us! We hope you enjoy our family, stories, travels, and everything in between. Please share and comment! We love to hear from you guys!

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