Have you ever woken up just grateful for everything? Yeah, neither have I. But part of our family’s new journey is to find the little pleasures in everything. That means finding the pleasure and beauty in the good and the bad and everything in between. If you are not “that person” who wakes up gleefully and exited to just be alive, this takes a conscious effort. So today, we are grateful!

Today was the first day of school. Most parents see that as “aww how sweet, let’s take the first day pictures, blah blah blah”. Not us! We were just happy to be dressed with lunches made and on time to school! That is success in my book, oh and something to be grateful for! We will figure out how to be grateful later tonight while signing all of the first day paperwork…

I was definitely grateful that we have extra clothes, when we get out of the shower only to find Hugo chewing on Jay’s shorts 😂. I’m not convinced that Jay was seeing the optimistic side at that point. Hugo and Hurley eat all of our clothes, I think we have already replaced an entire wardrobe!

While Jay and I work our 8-5 day jobs (that we are grateful for), we are incredibly grateful for the exciting opportunity that we have to help others with our blog! Today will be our first post to our new site and I must say, I am exploding with excitement just to get home and click “publish”! We want to share our journey and life with you all. We hope that through us, maybe you can find the little pleasures in the ebb and flow of life too.

We are also upfront and honest that we have a potential to build an income with our story as so many others have shown us how to do, just by sharing our pleasures through affiliate programs. Now, we will never bend our opinions to suggest something we don’t like or wouldn’t use. I am also very grateful for our integrity.

Today, we are grateful for everything. The good and the bad. The clean and the messy. If we can make a mindful effort to be grateful even in moments of discord, life will be so much better. We will be grateful tomorrow and enjoying our journey!