A Revelation

This morning, my alarm rang at its usual 615 am. Time to get the dogs outside, kids moving for school, take a shower, brush my teeth, get breakfast, get my food packed for the day, get my day planned and start my day. As I have mentioned in another post, I also have to weigh in. For those of you who have not read my first weight loss post, In early May, I woke up to the startling truth that I weighed 409 lbs. Shock, disappointment, sadness were just some of the emotions I felt. I also never believed, prior to that day, that I would be able to get this weight off me. Through new eating habits and determination, I have managed to surprise myself and a lot of other people. Most people say I look very different than I used to look.


My Morning Drive

On my drive to work this morning, I really wanted to spice up my weight loss. Let me set this straight: I am by no means getting complacent, however, having a mini goal to finish off my weight loss offers a new focus for me. I forgot to mention: I weighed in at 284 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly, 125 lbs of weight loss SINCE MAY! As I mentioned, on my drive, I tried thinking of ways to renew some serious focus because quite frankly, I have 64 lbs to go.

What Can I Do?

My idea is a Countdown To Christmas. Stores are putting out Christmas decorations, the lists are being compiled for presents, dinners, and celebrations. I say, how about we start a new trend, get some good eating habits down, MAKE A PLAN for the next couple of months so the New Year’s resolution isn’t the ever failing “let’s lose weight”. LET’S LOSE WEIGHT STARTING TODAY!

The Plan

Successful ideas need a plan. Every plan needs a starting point, goals, detailed process, and verifiable numbers to validate your success. Here is mine: There are 66 days left until Christmas, I want to lose 64 pounds. I am going to post my progress to this blog as my way of being accountable to my plan. Listen, I don’t really think I can lose 64 more pounds by December 25th. I do know this if I set this lofty goal and I achieve 20,30,40, 50 pounds, I am that weight loss better than I am today. I urge you, our reader to set your goals high and your expectations¬†flexible and realistic. By that I mean, if you have a moment, where you fail (we all fail), don’t give up hope, don’t get discouraged, reach out to me or someone else and let us encourage you to move forward, keep going and working towards your goal. Weigh yourself every day. Why you ask? It is important to know what you weight. Be realistic: maybe you gained weight because of bloating, or water retention. You need to know.


Here is my eating plan (please feel free to adopt this plan):

Breakfast: 4-6 ounces of fruit ( strawberries, pineapples, apples, oranges work great for me, NO BANANAS)

Morning Snack: 1 veggie snack 3-4 oz

Lunch:  4-6 oz each of a protein and vegetable ( sirloin- NY strip-filet steak, 96% lean hamburger, seafood, chicken breast, 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites are all excellent, spinach, salad makings, green beans, cabbage, zucchini, asparagus, eggplant are all great veggies. Beware of broccoli because it bloats you. Mushrooms are very good and offer as much potassium as bananas)

Afternoon Snack: 1 fruit snack 3-4 oz.

Dinner: is the same as lunch

You can add in dairy to your day: 2 oz cheese, 1 cup of greek yogurt or cottage cheese, 8 oz skim milk are all good. Instead of oil, using chicken broth to sautee veggies is a healthier selection. You can add in some grains a couple of times per week: maybe a little bit of baked potato (the Greek yogurt can be used as sour cream) or rice. Then there is the hard part: WATER ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Nothing carbonated or sweetened with sugar and other sweeteners. No sauces other than vinegar, a teaspoon of olive oil, mustard, hot sauce, low sodium soy sauce. Use sea salt instead of regular salt and any spices can be used.

What About THOSE Times?

So, we have a couple of major holidays coming up in Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday parties, get-togethers, etc. etc. What happens then? One of my absolutely brilliant friends Shreya used to tell me she and her husband would get some time on the treadmill after an unhealthy dinner. It definitely works and mitigates your weight gain. I say be prepared. I am going to eat on Thanksgiving. I will adjust my portions accordingly and eat 6 oz of Turkey(which is very good for you) and a couple bites of different veggies. As I stated earlier, I’m also going to run on the treadmill AND adjust my expectations. I’m going to gain a little weight and eat great before and after Thanksgiving. NO LEFTOVERS. Instead of eating the whole piece of pie or cake, eat a couple of bites. Since May, I have had 3 bites of chocolate cake, 2 bites of a cannoli (from NY of course) and 2 bites of fudge. Let me put it this way: you have had a couple of bites of your favorite dessert, you have won by having the taste without getting killed on the extra calories.

This Is Within You

You can do this. I encourage you to get a support network with loved ones who support you. I encourage all of you to email or message us for support. We are happy to be there for all of you and will correspond back to you. Doing this will accomplish a couple of things: 1) Create GREAT eating habits that can be carried on past the holidays and 2) Give you a head start on weight loss before the New Year’s celebrations and remove the sense of urgency from unrealistic resolutions. I would have never believed it was within me, however, slowly and surely the pounds came off, I felt better, no more joint pain, lower heart rates, blood pressures and what was considered a sacrifice has become HABIT. We want good eating habits to be around longer for our loved ones.