Aside from this adventure with my wife, I have had a miserable week. Every day has challenged me professionally, and most mornings, my headache started around 9:15. Please don’t get me wrong, I am no different than most people out there. This is also the week where I feel  I have been taught, by some very special people, one of lifes most important lessons.

I have learned we are blessed by some truly special people in our lives. They are the ones who love and see the best in everyone they come across. I dare say, they supersede some of us (myself included) and they bring us moments of clarity, reflection, and perspective. During this week of turmoil, while I have felt plenty sorry for myself, my family (as they would insist we are) have offered those important moments. In the simplest terms, I wondered how they can love everyone.Hate is all around us, due to 24-hour news cycles, social media, life’s pressures, hate is inescapable. On Wednesday, Mama, David, and daughter Keely sat down with me and explained in spite of negative words and actions, they love everyone. Personally, they have embraced me, made me part of their family and I am blessed for that. Today, I found myself with a couple whom I am also lucky to call friends. I had explained to them that I was receiving a sign because I had been so tensed about my week and challenged with loving those who I was not happy with. They whole heartedly agreed and continued to explain how important it is to love everyone in spite of faults and misgivings. My two families manage to fight health issues every day with tenacity, blessings, and smiles on their faces.

My life lesson I am learning. Try and love everyone, good, bad, and everything in between. You don’t have to love their faults, misgivings, words, and actions, but love them because they are God’s children. Mama, David, Keely, Gwen, and family, Brother H and Pastor H, I love you all and am blessed to have you in our lives. I promise you each that I will do my very best to be the best person I can be to everyone. Thank you all.